Doctor’s Nightguard – “Friggin’ Sleighbells”

Another favorite client was the Doctor’s Nightguard who trusted us to create ads that got some attention. This holiday spot features Donner and Blitzen as a couple of guys, one of whom has a big anger problem. Donner is one uptight reindeer.

Duluth Trading Company – “Plumber’s Butt”

Another Duluth Trading spot? Yes. They get funnier the more of them you hear.

Diet Pepsi – “Karen & Debbie”

Subversion in advertising is all too rare. The client was BBDO NY and Diet Pepsi and they had no problem poking fun at advertising. (Embarrassing moment – we recorded the women before we added the subversive announcer so it sounded like we were producing the world’s worst commercial. I looked up and noticed the studio door was open and the people in the lobby were looking at us like we were the worst hacks in the industry. I closed the door.)

Chevys – “Bored Tongue”

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Bevmo – “Perfectly Clear”

San Francisco Ballet – “Shelly”

Exploratorium – “Hey Henry”

Ghirardelli – “Chocolate Radio”

Identity Guard – “Gone Shopping”

YP – “Cowboy Bail Bonds”

Chevys – “Bored Tongue”

New! YP – “Neighborly Neighbor”

Freshly cast and produced this spot for the gang at Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners. Talent: The one and only Tom Kane and the one and only Debra Mooney.

New! Chevys – “The Capitan Says Stay Away”

All new for our friends at Hub Strategy and their client, Chevys.

New! PayPal – “Hercules”

Just finished a great campaign with the folks at Riney and their client, PayPal.

Jelly Belly – “And Now”

Group Health – “Morning Sickness”